Besides Sufficient Nutritional Needs, Eating Is Also A Learning Process For Your Little One

Many of the activities of your little one every day contain a learning process for their growth and development. When playing, Moms usually provide antiseptic wet wipes to clean their bodies, this can trigger your little one to always adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Not only that, when giving food to the little one, in addition to fulfilling their nurisi needs, they also become their means for effective learning for their growth and development. This is because, when eating, all of the senses of your little one will be stimulated effectively.

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Want to know what senses are stimulated and become an effective stimulation for your little one? Come on, Moms, see the explanation on the next page.

1. Eyes

Through their sense of sight, your little one will learn to see and recognize the shape and color of each type of food served to them.

2. Nose

By using the nose, your little one will inhale the aroma from food and become a learning process to detect food through his sense of smell.

3. Mouth

This part of the body will stimulate your little one to learn to recognize the taste and texture of food. In addition, your little one also learns to crush and chew food.

4. Finger skin

When eating, your little one can learn to feel the texture and temperature of the food using the skin of their fingers. They will also learn to recognize cutlery through touch with their fingers.

Moms also have to remember to always provide your little one with healthy and nutritious food. Not only that, before giving S Kecil nutritious food, make sure you keep your little one’s cutlery clean.

In order to kill 99.9% of germs on their cutlery, Moms must use Mitu Baby Antiseptic Wipes Refreshing Lime. With the content of Food Grade Formula in it, these wet wipes are proven safe for Moms to use on tableware, toys or your little one’s equipment. 9 out of 10 Home Testers believe the food grade formula Mitu Baby Antiseptic is safe to use for the mouth area and does not cause irritation to your little one

Mitu Baby’s wet wipes are made from natural antiseptic, namely Tea Tree Oil, tested for hypoallergenic (anti-allergic), do not contain alcohol and have been certified halal by MUI. The content in Mitu’s wet wipes , can avoid allergies and irritation when used to clean parts of your little one’s body.

These special wet wipes are very practical for Moms to use in a variety of conditions. Come on Moms, from now on, make sure to provide maximum protection to your little one with Mitu Baby Antiseptic Wipes Refreshing Lime.

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