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Carrera is a brand established by Godrej, one of the leading manufacturers in Indonesia. Carrera is the ultimate solution for all car care troubles and offers a wide range of cleaning and polishing products. Carrera was developed to provide convenient and highly effective car care formulas. The advanced German technology used in Carrera products is suitable for all vehicle types and aims to enhance and protect vehicle’s surface. 

Their exclusive range includes:

  • Crème Polish and wax
  • Liquid Polish and Wax
  • Spray polish for motorcycles
  • Dashboard cleaner
  • Car shampoo
  • Car shampoo plus wax 
  • Motorcycle shampoo (Sachet pack)
  • Tire polish foam 
  • Tire polishing gel
  • Anti-Rust Spray 
  • Motorcycle chain lubricant
  • Radiator coolant
  • Sponges

The Carrera series has unique and specified products that bring long-lasting finesse to vehicles. They realize that pampering a car or motorbike is something people never compromise on. Top-quality products from Carrera extend the life of a car’s gleam and keep them just as new.


Carrera is a brand established by Godrej, one of the leading manufacturers in Indonesia. The primary aim behind this product line was to develop convenient and highly effective car care formulas. 


Nippon offers the best solutions for vehicles and other issues that need filters, lubricants, and other parts. Their Micro oil filters work perfectly well with all the leading car brands, for instance, Mitsubishi, Cummins, Volvo, MTU, Perkins, and others. Nippon takes pride in providing a comprehensive power generation solution.

Nippon is an automotive parts brand that has earned customer trust and showed commitment in the past years. Worldwide clients have been in business with this company because of quality and trustworthiness.


TCL is a brand that strives for perfection and advanced technology in the development of innovative products. The company was initiated in 1949 by Tanikawa Yuka Research Institute, Japan, associated with the petrochemical industry. The first project that TCL took up as a company was to deliver brake oil for various purposes.

Technological advancements resulted in higher standards of quality, efficiency, and awareness of creating eco-friendly products. The fantastic product range by TCL includes Long Life Coolant, Brake Fluid, and Engine Oils. The company also works with numerous other products such as chassis paint, window washer, cleaning agents, glass abrasive, and addition agents. Superior and efficacious distillation apparatus is part of the production process to ensure flawless end products.

A well-equipped research team is always on their toes at the TCL research facility to explore and invent better environment-friendly formulations. Ensuring the best quality and in-time delivery is the ultimate goal for TCL, and they have proved themselves by acquiring ISO9001 in 2008. The factory area is permitted by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) in the K 2233 and K 2234 approval.






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