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The company named HATECO developed a new brand Globex, in 2004 that soon became a go-to brand for car owners and relevant industry. They usually offer a wide array of products, including batteries, lubricants, tubes, and tires. Globex is famous for its high quality and effective products manufactured and assessed through strict standard parameters.

The Crystal Grease from Globex is excellent support for automotive parts and mechanics who work hard to make the engines run smoothly. This product is developed to ensure high performance and is safe for our ecosystem. An aluminum-based thickening agent creates the waterproofing qualities. Globex Grease is suitable for all-weather situations and keeps the party going even in rainy seasons. Let’s explore Some more details about Globex Grease here:

  • The Premium hydro-treated base oils in Globex Grease ensure smooth bearing lubrication
  • It comes with a guarantee of durability
  • Immensely safe for gaskets, seals, or carbon fiber
  • The Globex Grease does not stain any painted surfaces.
  • Enables the mechanics to identify damage and contaminating elements quickly.
  • Crystal Clear consistency
  • Completely Odorless
  • Safe and Non-Toxic
  • Environment friendly and Biodegradable
  • 100% Waterproof