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The leading hair color brand, NYU established by Godrej Indonesia has been the choice of experts and people who like revamping their hair. The products included in NYU range are produced with the aim of keeping hair safe and nourished.


The enhanced and protecting formula used in NYU hair products comprise of following advantages:

  •  Absolutely free from Ammonia
  • No artificial odor to prevent hair damage.
  •  With the added richness of apple, kiwi and strawberry extracts that offer a natural refreshing fragrance, and nourish hair.
  • The Vitamin Oil from NYU is a perfect blend of effective ingredients.
  • Natural pigment to reduce damage

Packaging and contents

A standard NYU hair color pack includes 30gm hair color, 30ml developer, 1 ml vitamin oil and gloves for a thoroughly revitalizing hair treatment. The color range is an amazing array of gorgeous wonders such as:

Blue Black

Natural Black



Natural Brown

Coppery Brown

Cherry Red