Our Brands


NDFOS is a leading global tape & film company established in 2010, contributing to the national economy by importing the best material and delivering exceptional quality products. They aim to offer reliable and long-lasting effects to support better functioning and aesthetic aspects for various vehicles. All the team members, either executives, employees and technical staff, are on the mission to satisfy customers with the help of advanced technology. 

The NDFOS film promises to offer protection and the following benefits:

  • Convenient to apply on the windows 
  • 99% safety against harmful UV rays
  • Keeps the drive a comfortable experience by Infra-red resistance qualities.
  • Enhances the visibility with the help of Ultra Clear Polyester 
  • Eliminates and chances of Radio wave interference 
  • Durable and effective

A range of colors from light to dark is available to cater to all kinds of film and sheeting needs.


Globex brings a premium grade window film to facilitate vehicles owners. The manufacturing process ensures that the tint does not fade quickly and delivers lasting efficiency for users. The increased density of advanced UV coating is administered in a 2-phase process of UV inhibition.


  • 2 Ply  high quality Film
  • Dyed through Extrusion process
  •  Amazingly Non-Reflective surface
  • Clear Light conduction
  • TSER is also a significant factor that makes the film extraordinary
  • Reduces the effect of UVA & UVB rays
  • Non-metalized material does not create signal interference
  •  The Globex film consists of two PET-ITO layers, the middle layer of liquid crystal.
  • Customizable sizes are available


  • The Globex film is best for privacy protection
  • The UV rays blocking stops the problems of glare and interior fading of a vehicle
  •  Provides safety from injuries in case the windows break due to an accident
  • Reduces the chances of skin diseases and the film is highly sustainable
  • Offers the benefit of soundproofing as well