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ASK Insulation and double sided Tapes are based on PVC material and provide lasting protection for relatively high voltages. Higher resistance leads to support against abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, copper corrosion, and different weather conditions. Globex tape has the right amount of strength to fight elements such as extreme weather and pressure. Let’s explore the advantages and detailed information regarding ASK insulation tapes:


  •  Able to resist high levels of pressure
  • Useful for electrical appliances, wiring, insulation, and much more
  • Premium grade adhesive makes the bond strong and lasting
  • Extremely easy to use and store
  • Effective performance in all circumstances
  • High elasticity makes the tape more enduring
  •  A wide range of colors helps in color-coding wires and cables.


Main specifications:

  • Manufactured from PVC Film and resistant quality rubber
  • The flexibility range is approximately 32N/cm
  • Flexibility dimensions are ≥280%
  •  Adhesive strength is generally ≥4.5N/25mm
  • Able to work well under 600V
  • Heat resistant
  • According to ROHS requirements
  • Can resist complex chemicals and humidity

Globex Insulation Tapes are Exceptional quality PVC insulating tape for general usage. The tape contains extraordinary resistance qualities for factors like abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, copper corrosion, and different weather conditions. Globex tape is famous for increased strength against wet dielectric and provides better protection at an affordable price.


  • Performs efficiently under pressure
  •  It can be used for various purposes and products such as HVAC & Refrigeration, ducting, sealing, insulating, electronics, packaging, and automotive industries.
  • Advanced formula adhesive that is long-lasting
  • Convenient to unwind and tear for efficient use
  •  High-quality performance
  •  Flexible and smooth texture
  • Enhanced tensile strength
  •  Perfect for cable splicing, wrapping, and insulation.
  • Color variety enables color coding of different wires
  •  Also useful for Cable binding, insulation, abrasion protection for household appliances

 Main specifications:

  • The material used is PVC Film and pressure-sensitive rubber
  •  The tensile strength is around 32N/cm
  •  Flexibility capacity is ≥280%
  •  Adhesion power for is  ≥4.5N/25mm
  • Can easily Withstand voltage upto 600V
  • Can resist 80℃ heat
  •  Fulfills ROHS requirement.
  • chemical substances and humidity-proof

Double-sided foam tape

It presents premium quality Double Coated Foam Tape with Natural Polyurethane to enable strong adhesion with various surfaces. The double-sided foam tape is effective for glass, metals, and plastic surfaces. In addition, the foam tape is appropriate for both interior and exterior fixing and mounting usage. The several layers of top-quality acrylic adhesive enable the product to reliably handle even heavy items such as artwork, plaques, signage, and much more.

Uses and specifications:

  • Both the sides are PE, PU, PVC, and EVA coated
  • They are used for a variety of mounting and binding needs and on a wide range of surfaces. However, it works best on glass-like surfaces.
  • Usually used for stationery, die-cut, impact prevention, signboards, plates, packaging, and much more.
  • Easy to use, effective, and zero damage as compared to screws and nails.
  •  Long-lasting and high-density acrylic adhesive is used on the tape that is even effective on textured surfaces.
  • Can resist against solid chemicals and solvents
  • high-temperature resistance is also a helpful factor
  • Available in a variety of sizes and market competitive prices.