Our Brands


Based in Tokyo, Japan, NOK Corporation was established as a small start-up in 1939 and is now a well-known brand in the automotive industry. Their expertise comprises manufacturing, importing, and selling seal products.

NOK Corporation also ventures to manufacture industrial mechanical parts, hydraulic, pneumatic, and nuclear power equipment.


  • These oil seals are a significant part of any vehicle as they prevent oils, gases, and fluids from leaking and keeping the dust away from mechanical components.
  • Suitable for all types of automobiles, airplanes, ships, trains, construction and agricultural machines, petrochemical plants, and home appliances.
  • Oil seals are manufactured by bake-adhesion of the synthetic rubber parts that act as the seal lip with a sturdy metal ring.
  • A spring is embedded into the seal that offers a firm grasp on the shafts to ensure safe placement of any moving parts.
  • Oil seals excellently secure the system by sucking in a particular air volume from the atmosphere to prevent oil from leaking.
  • Can handles optimum oil film thicknesses to ensure perfection


NOK oil seals are used essentially to avoid oil leaks and dust particles from entering gears and machines and are generally used in the following applications:

  • Automotive engines
  • Geared motors
  • Rotating shafts

A Philippines-based company Nactec has been in the auto parts manufacturing business for many years. They have made their mark by providing the best solutions in automotive replacement parts, especially oil seals.                                                                                                                                                                          


The Nactec oil seals are introduced with various lip materials suitable for all designs and their temperature and chemical resistance.

  • Available in a wide range of single and double lip structures.
  • Suitable for harsh settings 
  • Esure there is no metal to metal contact, reduce wear and tear 
  • Convenient in use
  • Lip material for oil seals contains high quality Nitrile, Polyacrylate, Silicone, and Fluoro-elastomer.


Nactec Oil seals provide the following advantages:

  • Protect lubricants from dust and contamination
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Support the smooth functioning of rotating shafts and precision bearings. 
  • Practical to use for a variety of industrial equipment 
  • Help the lubricants and oils to work separately without getting blended and leaked.
  • Premium quality replacement part
  • Works effectively under extreme circumstances

FUJIURA LTD was founded in Japan in 1953 and provided top-notch automotive products to fulfil all customer needs. They aim to work within the parameters set by the legal system and ethical standards of the industry. The quality assurance process ensures the flawless delivery of the products to the customers.

The range of products include:

  • FIC’s hydraulic cylinders service kits
  • Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders
  • Brake and Clutch Slave Cylinders
  • Wheel Cylinders

Every kit contains top-quality components designed to fulfil all the specifications.

Benefits and Features

  • High-quality retail packaging
  • Proficient assembling for the Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder
  • Affordable price
  • Time delivery as promised
  • Designed to meet the performance requirements of SAE J1153 and J1154
  • Reliable and safe for all vehicles
  • The trivalent coating on the bleeder screws offers added resilience.
  • Cast iron and aluminum relieve the stress on the mechanism.

The well-known NPR Group was a dream that materialized in 1934 and introduced some huge automotive parts for the industry. Their main products include piston rings and valve seat inserts. NPR Group has earned a positive reputation among manufacturers in Japan and worldwide. Their policies are clear about valuing the needs of their customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


The current needs of environmental scenarios call for the addition of low-emission cars to the vehicle industry. The NPR Piston Rings consist of many eco-friendly qualities:

  • Suitable for NOX and HC and CO2 reductions
  • Low-friction design
  • The compression and oil control rings are relatively thin in width
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Incorporates advanced tuning techniques


  • Facilitates all engine functions directly or indirectly.
  • Has both spring-like tension and the quality to form a perfect circle when closed.
  • Effective in sealing the combustion gas,
  • Helps in controlling oil lubrication,
  • Successfully dissipate heat
  • minimize deterioration
  • increases engine durability and performance
  • preservers well under operational pressure.
  • Wide material range, including steel and cast iron.

HI-LEX CORPORATION is a renowned Japanese brand in auto parts production initiated in 1946 and has maintained high standards. The company is famous for delivering quality at the lowest possible cost to facilitate customers.


The Hi-Lex Cables include an outer layer and the inner casing, which have distinct characteristics:

  • The outer casing guides and protects the inner layer
  • PVC, PP, POM, SUS, SWRH, PE, and FEP are the main elements used in manufacturing these cables.
  • The outer casing diameter ranges from 5-13, and the inner cable from 1.2- 4.
  • Inner cable aims to transmit and displace power with multi twisted formation but is thinner and supports small bending radiuses.
  • Operates perfectly for a temperature range of 40°C to 160°C, depending on the size.
  • Inner cable end piece supports connecting and securing the internal cable to other components and adjusts the cable length.


  • Affordable and easy to carry
  • Convenient installation and premium, flexible material
  • Efficient transmission of power.
  • Works best with all engine components.

USHIO Industries, Ltd., initiated in 1970 from Kobe, Japan, aimed to be the top exporter of superior quality automotive spare parts. They now have clients all over the globe and are reliable for the industry as well as among customers. USHIO Industries’ significant products include engine parts for vehicles and Japanese “SUN” Brand Automotive Belts.


The CR Grade (A-Type) Timing belt is the right choice for all vehicles and promises the following qualities:

  •  Compatible with the O.E. tooth profiles that result in better functioning.
  • Variety of grades available to suit the engine type
  • Cost-effective
  •  Better heat resistance
  •  Flex Resistance is excellent.
  • Manufactured according to the RoHS Directive.
  • Easy to use in narrow spaces


  • The Timing belt is suitable for all vehicle types
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Essential for engine performance
  • Latest technology
  • Premium quality material

CHERRY is a renowned Japanese brand and has been delivering premium quality Automotive gaskets for more than seven decades. Most advanced technology accompanied by standardized quality assurance is the trademark of CHERRY gasket and related products.

Excellence, flawless performance and reliability is the reason car owners prefer this Japanese brand for their vehicles. Every single unit is engineered with utmost perfection at the CHERRY manufacturing plant in Japan.


  • The CHERRY gasket is suitable for a wide range of vehicles such as cars, vans, Forklifts, trucks, tractors, and more.
  • Long lasting
  • Reliable
  • Premium quality material

Supports all leading imported and local car brands


  • CHERRY gasket usually stays between the engine block and cylinder heads to enhance the performance of a vehicle’s engine. Its main objective is to seal the cylinders for maximum compression and reduce any chance of coolant or engine oil leakage into the cylinders.

TBK, a trusted manufacturer and developer of innovative and advanced automotive products, began as a formal business in 1949 in Japan. Their unwavering quality standards have made this brand a go-to solution for every car owner and technician worldwide.

TBK is the leading auto parts supplier, especially oil pumps, to leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Hino, Volvo, etc. TBK’s other notable products include drum brakes, disc brakes, retarders, and engine-related products, including cylinder heads, crankcases, and camshafts.


Oil pumps from TBK have proved to be the best as they are:

  • powered by engine drive power
  • useful for oil supply to the engine
  • excellent for lubricating the parts and reducing heat resistance in the machine.
  • also available in an electronically controlled variety
  • useful for improved control of oil supply as required and adds to fuel efficiency.


  • Variable-displacement
  • minimize energy loss
  • active control system successfully adjusts the oil flow
  • fulfill the pressure needs,
  • eradicates excess oil flow,
  • significantly lowering the sponging load on the engine crankshaft.

DAIDO KOGYO CO., LTD, is a reliable name in Manufacturing and sells comprehensive collections such as Motorcycle & Automotive Chains, Industrial Machinery Chains, Rims/Wheels, and Conveyor Systems. The company, which began in 1933, also deals in welfare equipment.


Here are some vital qualities of the product:

  •  6.35mm pitch silent chain
  • Useful for small car engines
  • It is enhanced with unique surface treatment technology.
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  •  Provides quietness and impact toughness


The automobile timing chain system works in several capacities:

  •  It is an effective system to regulate the movement timing for each part of the machine.
  • Automobile engine timing chain helps the system to operate smoothly and enhance engine performance. 
  • DID’s automotive engine timing chain system is reliable and meets the needs of high-power, compact, and high-performance engines
  • Enables the engines to reduce resistance and elevate strength.

NDK is a recognized Japan-based supplier of automotive engine and drivetrain seals. They also have expertise in camshaft, crankshaft, differential, and wheel seals. NDK provides high-quality and reliable seal kits made according to OEM standards.


  • The NDK power steering seals support all needs of hydraulic power-assisted steering and are available in the form of shaft input seals, pinion seals, rack shaft seals, and steering pump seals.
  • For the electric power steering category, NDK offers electric motor seals.
  • Top-notch and advanced materials to adherer with temperatures from -40°C to 150°C
  • Exceptional chemical compatibility
  • Unsplit integrated polymer support ring to deal with resists high pressures
  • Perfection in the sealing lip to minimize friction loads
  • To ensure sealing, there are well-incorporated Grooves on the outer diameter                   
  • An anti-pollution sealing lip is effective in removing impurities


  • The steering seals are used in the power-assisted steering hydraulic systems and play a significant role in preventing loss of power.
  • The steering seals retain the steering fluid in the system and reduce friction.