Auto Parts

Oil Seal

Based in Tokyo, Japan, NOK Corporation was established as a small start-up in 1939 and is now a well-known brand in the automotive industry. Their expertise comprises manufacturing, importing, and selling seal products. NOK Corporation also ventures to manufacture industrial mechanical parts, hydraulic, pneumatic, and nuclear power equipment.

Belts, Chains & Cabels

TSK is a renowned Japanese brand of automotive cables, manufactured by HI-LEX CORPORATION, initiated in 1946. They have maintained high standards since inception and continue to do so. The company is famous for delivering High quality products at the lowest possible cost to facilitate customers.

Rings & Bearings

The well-known NPR Group was a dream that materialized in 1934 and introduced some huge automotive parts for the industry. Their main products include piston rings and valve seat inserts. NPR Group has earned a positive reputation among manufacturers in Japan and worldwide. Their policies are clear about valuing the needs of their customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Oil Pumps

TBK, a trusted manufacturer and developer of innovative and advanced automotive products, began as a formal business in 1949 in Japan. Their unwavering quality standards have made this brand a go-to solution for every car owner and technician worldwide.

Gas Kit

CHARRY is a renowned Japanese brand and has been delivering premium quality Automotive gaskets for more than seven decades. Most advanced technology accompanied by standardized quality assurance is the trademark of CHARRY gasket and related products.

Washers & Cylinders

FUJIURA LTD was founded in Japan in 1953 and provided top-notch automotive products to fulfil all customer needs. They aim to work within the parameters set by the legal system and ethical standards of the industry. The quality assurance process ensures the flawless delivery of the products to the customers.