Insulation Tape


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ASK Insulation and double sided Tapes are based on PVC material and provide lasting protection for relatively high voltages. Higher resistance leads to support against abrasion, moisture, alkalis, acids, copper corrosion, and different weather conditions. Globex tape has the right amount of strength to fight elements such as extreme weather and pressure. Let’s explore the advantages and detailed information regarding ASK insulation tapes


  • Manufactured from PVC Film and resistant quality rubber
  • The flexibility range is approximately 32N/cm
  • Flexibility dimensions are ≥280%
  • Adhesive strength is generally ≥4.5N/25mm
  • Able to work well under 600V
  • Heat resistant
  • According to ROHS requirements
  • Can resist complex chemicals and humidity


  • Able to resist high levels of pressure
  • Useful for electrical appliances, wiring, insulation, and much more
  • Premium grade adhesive makes the bond strong and lasting
  • Extremely easy to use and store
  • Effective performance in all circumstances
  • High elasticity makes the tape more enduring
  • A wide range of colors helps in color-coding wires and cables.