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TSK is a renowned Japanese brand of automotive cables, manufactured by HI-LEX CORPORATION, initiated in 1946. They have maintained high standards since inception and continue to do so. The company is famous for delivering High quality products at the lowest possible cost to facilitate customers.


The Hi-Lex Cables include an outer layer and an inner casing, which have distinct characteristics:

  • The outer casing guides and protects the inner layer
  • PVC, PP, POM, SUS, SWRH, PE, and FEP are the main elements used in manufacturing these cables.
  • The outer casing diameter ranges from 5-13, and the inner cable from 1.2- 4.
  • The inner cable aims to transmit and displace power with multi twisted formation but is thinner and supports small bending radiuses.
  • Operates perfectly for a temperature range of 40°C to 160°C, depending on the size.
  • The inner cable end piece supports connecting and securing the internal cable to other components and adjusts the cable length.


  • Affordable and easy to carry
  • Convenient installation and premium, flexible material
  • Efficient transmission of power
  • Works best with all engine components.

USHIO Industries, Ltd., initiated in 1970 from Kobe, Japan, aimed to be the top exporter of superior quality automotive spare parts. They now have clients all over the globe and are reliable for the industry as well as among customers. USHIO Industries’ significant products include engine parts for vehicles and Japanese “SUN” Brand Automotive Belts.


The CR Grade (A-Type) Timing belt is the right choice for all vehicles and promises the following qualities:

  • Compatible with the O.E. tooth profiles that result in better functioning.
  • Variety of grades available to suit the engine type
  • Cost-effective
  • Better heat resistance
  • Flex Resistance is excellent.
  • Manufactured according to the RoHS Directive.
  • Easy to use in narrow spaces


  • The Timing belt is suitable for all vehicle types
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Essential for engine performance
  • Latest technology
  • Premium quality material
DAIDO KOGYO CO., LTD, is a reliable name in Manufacturing and sells comprehensive collections such as Motorcycle & Automotive Chains, Industrial Machinery Chains, Rims/Wheels, and Conveyor Systems.


Here are some vital qualities of the product:

  • 6.35mm pitch silent chain
  • Useful for small car engines
  • It is enhanced with unique surface treatment technology.
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Provides quietness and impact toughness


The automobile timing chain system works in several capacities:

  • It is an effective system to regulate the movement timing for each part of the machine.
  • The automobile engine timing chain helps the system to operate smoothly and enhance engine performance.
  • DID’s automotive engine timing chain system is reliable and meets the needs of high-power, compact, and high-performance engines
  • Enables the engines to reduce resistance and elevate strength.