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The well-known NPR Group was a dream that materialized in 1934 and introduced some huge automotive parts for the industry. Their main products include piston rings and valve seat inserts. NPR Group has earned a positive reputation among manufacturers in Japan and worldwide. Their policies are clear about valuing the needs of their customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders.


The current needs of environmental scenarios call for the addition of low-emission cars to the vehicle industry. The NPR Piston Rings consist of many eco-friendly qualities:

  • Suitable for NOX and HC and CO2 reductions
  • Low-friction design
  • The compression and oil control rings are relatively thin in width
  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Incorporates advanced tuning techniques


  • Facilitates all engine functions directly or indirectly.
  • Has both spring-like tension and the quality to form a perfect circle when closed.
  • Effective in sealing the combustion gas,
  • Helps in controlling oil lubrication,
  • Successfully dissipate heat
  • minimize deterioration
  • increases engine durability and performance
  • preservers well under operational pressure.
  • Wide material range, including steel and cast iron.
NDC Bearings has high standards with a goal to sell the highest quality auto parts at competitive prices with remarkable service. NDC customers are the most important part of their business and the take extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers and their end-customers. NDC Engine bearings distribute the finest quality bearings with thick walled bearings, thin wall bearings, thrust washers, piston pin bushings, camshaft bushings, balancer bushings, and more.

Types of NDC Bearings

  1. Metal bearing
  2. Half bearing
  3. Resin Bushing and Plate

Metal bearing

An important part to support a connecting rod and a crankshaft to rotate in an engine for automobiles, motorcycles, construction machinery or ships.

Half bearing

Divided into two parts to cope with the complex shape of the installation point.

Resin Bushing and Plate

This type of bearing is widely used for various purposes in many places including: automotive automatic transmission, wiper, suspension, shafts for industrial machinery, electric and office automation equipment.


  • Good in abrasion resistance, load resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance.
  • Half bearings which present excellent seizure resistance with the best load resistance.
  • Resin bearings are widely used for different types of sliding potions,and are required to be lead-free better consideration of the environment.


  • NDC Bearing can be used for places where the speed and the load would be a problem.
  • FR936 a type of Resin Bearings can be used for various purposes, such as: general industrial products, hydraulic products, home electric appliances, automobile parts, textile machines, packing machines.
  • It can be applied on complex shapes and various materials including: metals, rubbers, and plastics.