Auto Parts

Oil Pumps

TBK, a trusted manufacturer and developer of innovative and advanced automotive products, began as a formal business in 1949 in Japan. Their unwavering quality standards have made this brand a go-to solution for every car owner and technician worldwide.
TBK is the leading auto parts supplier, especially oil pumps, to leading brands such as Mitsubishi, Hino, Volvo, etc. TBK’s other notable products include drum brakes, disc brakes, retarders, and engine-related products, including cylinder heads, crankcases, and camshafts.


Oil pumps from TBK have proved to be the best as they are:

  • powered by engine drive power
  • useful for oil supply to the engine
  • excellent for lubricating the parts and reducing heat resistance in the machine.
  • also available in an electronically controlled variety
  • useful for improved control of oil supply as required and adds to fuel efficiency.


  • Variable-displacement
  • minimize energy loss
  • active control system successfully adjusts the oil flow
  • fulfill the pressure needs,
  • eradicates excess oil flow,
  • significantly lowering the sponging load on the engine crankshaft.